Etsy SEO Course

Most Etsy sellers don’t understand SEO. (And sadly, they don’t know how easy Etsy SEO actually is).

Don’t be one of them.

Here’s an affordable course with a simple 3 step process that’ll teach you to master Etsy SEO so that you hear that sweet “cha-ching” sound all day long.

Want to make conquer Etsy SEO and consistent sales on your Etsy shop?

Rule your niche with ridiculously powerful Etsy SEO, Copy, and messaging.

Stand out on Etsy, so you can make sales and money from your shop.

If you want to have success and make money from your shop…

You’ve probably heard you need to master Etsy SEO.

But that’s only a half-truth!

Etsy SEO is only as strong as the accompanying listing copy and messaging.

So it’s time to start writing captivating listings that written with compelling, persuasive, SEO rich copy with all the key elements that attract, connect and convert visitors into buyers.

Hey there mama,

I see you over there hustling hard to make sales on your Etsy shop.

After talking to 100’s of Etsy shop owners just like you, here’s what I’ve heard:

“I don’t fully understand SEO”

“I’m mostly trying to get my head around SEO”

“How to know what advice to follow for Etsy SEO. Everyone tells you something different”

And here’s the truth:

If you don’t get serious about SEO but also how to write better copy on your descriptions, you’ll struggle to make sales on Etsy.

If you’re going to have success on Etsy and make money from your shop, you’ll need to nail this stuff.

And I can help you with that.

Get the SEO, Copy and Messaging Mini Course for only $127

Here’s what no one is talking about when it comes to Etsy SEO.

Even if you have all the right keywords on your title, description, and tags, you have to tie it all together so people actually buy from you.

Seems obvious, right?

Here’s what’s not so obvious.

You need to connect with your potential buyer to make the sale

Which is the reason why you can have the best keywords and still have no success

If you want your visitors to buy from you, you need to make your listing IRRESISTIBLE to them

Unless you really understand how to communicate with your ideal customer, you’ll have a hard time converting visits into sales

So maybe hold off on all the other overwhelming strategies out there that are confusing your potential buyers and making you want to quit

If you’re going to get consistent sales on your Etsy shop, you need to understand your buyer. PERIOD.

It’s time to turn your shop into a massively profitable business, sis.


The Beginner Mom Boss Etsy SEO, Copy and Messaging Mini-Course

Set up, Streamline and Scale your Etsy Shop Using SEO, Copy, and Messaging That Converts

Say buh-bye to boring robotic copy and SEO overwhelm!

In this mini-course, you’ll discover how to set up, streamline line and scale your Etsy shop using SEO, copy, and messaging that attracts your ideal customers to your shop like a bear to honey! 

In just over an hour, you’ll finally demystify SEO and learn how to find the best keywords to put in your title, description, and tags, and how to write sales copy that’s exciting and persuasive without being spammy or pushy.

The Beginner Mom Boss Etsy SEO, Copy and Messaging Mini Course

The best course to address all your Etsy SEO woes and to teach you juicy copywriting tips!

If you’re gonna turn your Etsy shop into a profitable business, then you absolutely need to conquer effective copywriting and SEO, mama.

By the end of this mini course, you’ll be able to:


Tackle SEO like a champ!

No more putting off starting your Etsy because the thought of SEO torments and agonizes you! You’ll discover the same method I used that got me to rank #1 in my category WITHOUT any sales.

Write product descriptions that sell

Write sales copy so loving and sweet, it’ll make your product simply irresistible to your customers


Because when you combine a solid Etsy SEO with copy and messaging, your visitors turn into buyers

Imagine a world where you: 

Finally demystify what the heck SEO is and finding out how to find keywords that’ll attract the right buyers and help you rank

Write the best product descriptions that attract, connect and convert visitors into buyers

Have consistent sales on your Etsy shop and actually make moolah

If you choose to go all-in with Etsy SEO, Copy, and Messaging, all this will be possible and so much more!



What’s the investment?

For only $127 you can have peace of mind that your SEO and copywriting are working for you!

How much time will it take me to go thru this course?

It’ll take you just over an hour to go thru this course and be on your way to finally conquer SEO, copy, and messaging!

I’m just starting out. Is this course right for me?

I highly recommend you get the Beginner Etsy Boss which includes this SEO course as well as the Photography course and everything you need to know about starting your Etsy shop.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this digital product, no refunds will be given. If you’re on the fence, check out my podcast, Beginner Mom Boss, or reach out via email or dm so we can chat.

Will I have lifetime access to this course?

Yes! You get forever access, girl! Woohoo! Take all the time you need. For only $127 you have access ongoing, so come back to it again and again.

I’m looking at a few different courses right now- what makes this one different?

In this course, I’m sharing with you the tactics I used to rank #1 without any sales. These strategies are also the ones that got me the Best Seller badge. Lastly, I was able to get to 5 figures on my Etsy shop a few months after launching. And I did all this with only ONE product. If you’re ready for a simple yet effective way to get sales without overwhelm, then you’re in the right place

Grab your Etsy SEO, Copy, and Messaging Mini Course today!

Dominate SEO, copy and messaging once and for all, mama, and stop duck tapping your business together with all the confusing, conflicting advice out there! Your business is way too important for you not to invest in it. Plus you’re worth it.