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    My guidance has led numerous clients to achieve “must-listen” acclaim in the podcasting world.

    As a leading podcast marketing company, Juliana Barbati Consulting prides itself on delivering comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of each thought leader and their podcast.

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    Can podcast scripts even work? I do not depend on scripts for my podcast, but I do use bullet points. Yet I also know that what works for me may not necessarily work for others. Why do I dislike scripting in the first place? Because our perfectionist tendencies can come out. We want to have […]

    Learn how to grow your podcast using Pinterest with visual strategies and SEO tips to enhance reach on this visual search engine.

    I share with you why we have to create attractive visuals to engage people to click and listen to your podcast and how we can do this by using Canva.

    How can someone who’s not a household name nor a celebrity grow her podcast and even more, rank in the top 0.5% worldwide?

    That has been my journey and I am here to share with you tips and lessons on how I made it through these 5 phases.

    It’s time to be honest and give you a reality check. As a podcast management agency owner, these are the 4 podcasting mistakes you need to check to know why your show may not be growing and how you can improve them.

    Juliana Barbati is a podcast genius!!! I worked with her for my podcast launch and it was AMAZING. I had no clue how to do it...but Juliana handled it like a pro! Her launch strategy, her content strategy, her show notes, her copy...all of it was amazing! She has the uncanny ability of making everything sound totally like you (except so much better!!!!). My podcast debuted at #52 in Entrepreneurship in the US and ranked worldwide. Thank you Juliana for helping make my podcast dreams come true!


    I am so pleased to share my experience with Juliana Barbati and her entire team. Before working with Juliana and Mariela and her team, I had no idea what a podcast launch was or why I would need one. Wow, I sure know why now. I truly believe that my podcast would not be up and running right now and it certainly would not have ranked so high ( top 25) in its debut. 
    The team supported me through each and every phase of my podcast development from the name, artwork, music, recording, editing, show notes, marketing and promotion, connecting me with all of the platforms and even supporting me on a Saturday which was my launch day…so impressed! 
    They were extremely patient with all of my questions (and there were lots) and made the process fun..yes, I am not kidding, it was actually fun.  
    Thanks Team Barbati and I look forward to working with you again soon. 

    Lorrie, a proud podcaster! The HabitThrive Podcast

    If you are dreaming of your own podcast and are tech challenged like me, look no further than Juliana and her team. I had a concept of what I wanted to develop but not the ability to navigate all the tech. Juliana and her team came up with the coolest cover art and blueprint for me to follow as far as what to talk about and when. The additional things they do as far as your launch and the extras for each episode, surpassed my expectations (and certainly my abilities!) to make this entire podcast such an easy thing to do. I am thrilled with the ease and flow, and I think you will be too. Finding Juliana and her team truly helped me quantum leap from thought to finished product. And what is especially impressive is that I have a unique business and I can say the intuitive ability of Juliana and the team “nailed it” as far as what they produced for me. I highly recommend!

    Debra Heim

    Working with Juliana has been great. She has guided me through the creation, planning, and starting of my podcast. Her approach puts me at ease. Juliana handles editing and publishing for my weekly podcast, which leaves me the freedom to just create and that is all I want to do. If you are overwhelmed by all that goes into a podcast, hire Juliana, it’s worth it.

    Kelsey Bryant

    I can say that there is some magic and intuition at play in your work. From just a short chat you were able to NAIL the description for my show. It felt like I wrote it myself and if I had written it, it would have taken me days of agonizing over it. We haven't launched yet and I’m already so excited! Thank you!

    Remy Fortier

    Working with Juliana has been such a blessing! Without her support, I’m pretty sure my podcast would still be a dream–something I want to do “someday”--but Juliana’s support is what made me actually DO the thing! And, I’m so glad I did; it’s been so much fun, and my podcast was ranking in 3 countries (including the USA) with over 500 downloads within the first few weeks. Juliana really knows what she’s doing; her support & knowledge of all things podcasts have been invaluable, I highly recommend working with her if you’re considering launching a podcast or have a podcast that could use some support!

    Hilary Mandzik

    I worked with Juliana to launch and grow my podcast - Positively Leading. From the get-go, Juliana and her team were absolutely brilliant. Juliana is so knowledgeable, kind, and supportive but what I loved more than anything is the way she listened carefully to what I wanted to do and didn't offer any cookie-cutter advice or try to make me do things a certain way. She supported and expertly guided me to do things my way. Whenever I had questions, she was there on Voxer and her care and attention to me as a person during the launch was fabulous too.
    Juliana's team is also awesome - super fast, efficient, and helpful and with all the right expertise to cover every aspect of podcasting. I can't recommend Juliana and her team highly enough.

    Dr. Sarah Howling

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