Podcast Services

The next level of visibility is here

Become the go-to expert in your niche and exponentially grow your business, profits and community

Let’s turn those big dreams of yours into reality.

You’re made for more impact, more growth, more power.

And podcasting is the key that’ll unlock all that.

Let’s make some magic with that show of yours!

You rock the mic. I’ll take care of the rest.


Becoming the go-to expert in your niche and exponentially growing your community

An easier way to grow your audience, make an impact and more sales without overwhelm and constantly showing up on social

Having a successful podcast that brings you new leads, and turns them into paying clients

Showing up and connecting more easily, deeply, authentically, and intimately with your community

Growing a thriving business without hustle, showing up on social or battling algorithms

After quickly and successfully growing my show, I discovered a podcast is the easiest way to:


Stop fighting algorithms to attract more clients to your business. You can have an optimized podcast that grows a thriving audience by leveraging SEO and tried and true online marketing strategies.


Not only can you grow your audience while you sleep, you can intimately serve your current community at a deeper level with binge worthy content that’ll work for you for years to come.


Create content that works for you and converts listeners into buyers. Whether, you’re selling evergreen or prepping for a launch, you can covert higher with a podcast

Make more money

A podcast feels like sitting down with a friend over coffee, which creates intimacy, connection, trust. And trust = sales

Make an impact

Reach more people, get your message spread across and build a community of superfans with ease

Save time

While Reels and Tik Tok are fun, they’re very short lived and take up a lot of time to create. A podcast, on the other hand, is fast to create and lives on forever!

THIS is the all in one service you’ve been looking for.

I’m the coach and guide you’ve dreaming of.

Are you ready to make magic happen?!

It’s your turn to do this, girl!

Podcasting works at a level social media simply doesn’t.

The days of hustling on the content hamster wheel are DONE.

It’s time to create everlasting impact.

But most importantly, it’s time for more ease.

I grew my coaching business with such ease, people are still wondering how I did it.

Nevermind I grew my business with only a podcast, mid pandemic, while uprooting my life and moving 11 times total in 6 months (4 times internationally, btw) with 2 kids, a husband, and a yorkie.

The reality is, your income will grow exponentially with a podcast. 

And now it’s your turn! 

As a podcaster, I understand what you need to create a money making podcast.

And as a marketing strategist and podcast coach, I also understand all of the things you actually need to uplevel your business.

And with me by your side, you’ll have access to ALL OF IT!

Ready to hit record, hand off everything else, sit back, relax and watch your show grow?

This done for you service, which incorporates a mix of strategies, mindset, and expertise I’ve acquired from different coaches, programs and masterminds, is designed to help you expand your business, grow your profits and make more impact, with ease.

Monthly Podcast Marketing & Management

Audio Production:

  • Editing weekly episodes (up to 4 hours per month)

  • Removing filler words, mistakes, long pauses & restarts

  • Noise reduction, volume leveling, and other audio quality enhancements

  • Adding intro, outro, music, and ads

  • Adding ID3 Tags

SEO & Copywriting

  • SEO optimized title

  • SEO optimized , engaging copywritten show notes for each episode

  • Transcription for each episode


  • Pinterest Management

Social Media Promo:

  • 1 audiogram per episode

  • 1 Instagram graphic per episode

  • 1 Instagram Reel per episode


  • Upload and schedule episode onto your website/blog with embedded player + episode graphic

  • Episodes uploaded + scheduled to your hosting platform with episode description

Coaching & Support:

  • Monthly Show Analytics

  • 1 30-Minute monthly podcast coaching on content creation, growth and monetization strategies

  • Voxer Access for masterminding + support

Monthly Investment: $997


Also available:

  • Guest Management

  • Podcast P.R.


  • I’m SO glad you asked. Like you, I’m a podcaster and entrepreneur myself! I’ve invested thousands of dollars into coaching to grow my own podcast and business. I know exactly what to do to grow your show organically, simply and sustainably. I’m pretty much an all in one business coach and podcast manager package!

    With my services, you won’t just get someone who edits your show. You’ll get someone who’s invested in your growth, who will watch trends, give you suggestions and help your business grow to new heights.

  • Yes! I’ve got your back! I’m known for going the extra mile for my clients and I’m here to lighten your load and help you simplify your business.

  • I have a team of the most amazing, awesome ladies helping me run this ship!