Disco Call 🕺🏼

Have we met?

Hey you! I’m Juliana.

I’m a Podcast Launch and Growth Strategist.

I help people create a podcast that stands out and is as magnetic as they are.

My expertise is in marketing, SEO, copywriting, and monetization.

BUT my real superpower is blending soul with strategy to create magical results

Word on the street

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11 random facts about me that’ll prove you I’m worth the hype (and that we’re meant to work together)

These will basically turn you into a living, breathing superfan.

(Also, probably not. But these sensational headlines work!)

1. I’m an Amazonian Goddess!

I mean, sorta… I’m from Brazil

2. My husband is from Italy. I met him in Rome while backpacking.

Yes, we eat a lot of pasta

3. I hug trees, walk barefoot and decorate my house with fruits and vegetables

I’m practically a hippie!

4. I moved 11 times in 2021. 4 times were international!

No, we’re not a military family. Or fugitives. Adventurous, I guess?

5. I’m addicted to GT’s Kombucha, Pique Matcha and Dandy blend

And my water always has herbs in it!

6. I’m a carbivore.

Not a typo. I’m powered by carbs.

7. I’m discreetly into CrossFit.

I resisted joining. I secretly made fun of them when they were out running. Now I’m one of them.

8. I invest heavily in my personal and professional growth.

I’m obsessed with my therapist, acupuncturist, business coach, massage therapist, and spiritual coach. They literally work magic on me.

9. I’m woo! We’re talking crystals, sage, palo santo, angel numbers- all.the.things.

And yes, I absolutely use my intuition to guide my clients

10. I jam my heart out to Florence and The Machines

But when no one is looking, Drake and Pitbull are my go to.

11. Because I know you’re wondering…

HD: Generator 2/4

Enneagram: 3 wing 2

Meyers: Advocate INFJ-T

Kaye: Explorer Brand Archetype

Did that convince you?

Good! Let’s chat!